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Scope of Inspection


The scope of the inspection and report is a limited visual inspection of the general systems and components of the home to identify any system or component listed in the report which may be in need of immediate major repair. The inspection will be performed in accordance with the Standards of Professional Practice adopted by the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration, a copy of which is available upon request.


Any area which is not exposed to view, is concealed, or is inaccessible because of soil, walls, floors, carpets, ceilings, furnishings, or any other thing is not included in this inspection. The inspection and report are for conditions observed at the time of the inspection, any defects or failures to general systems and components after the inspection are outside the scope of this inspection.

The inspection does not include any destructive testing or dismantling. Client agrees to assume all the risk for all conditions which are concealed from view at the time of the inspection. This is not a home warranty, guarantee, insurance policy or substitute for real estate transfer disclosures which may be required by law.

Whether or not they are concealed, the following

Our inspection will not include cosmetic items or finish blemishes.

-Specific components noted as being excluded on the individual systems inspection forms

-Private water or private sewage systems

-Saunas, steam baths, or fixtures and equipment

-Radio-controlled devices, automatic gates, elevators, lifts, dumbwaiters and thermostatic or time clock controls

-Water softener / purifier systems or solar heating systems

-Furnace heat exchangers, freestanding appliances, security alarms, intercom systems or personal property

-Adequacy or efficiency of any system or component

-Prediction of life expectancy of any item

-Building code or zoning ordinance violations

-Building fire extinguishing systems

-Building permit filing status

-Geological stability or soils condition

-Structural stability or engineering analysis

-Termites, pests or other wood destroying organisms

-Asbestos, radon, formaldehyde, lead, water or air quality, electromagnetic radiation or any environmental hazards

-Building value appraisal or cost estimates

-Conditions behind or inside of walls or ceilings

-Condition of roofing paper under roof tiles, shingles or other weather element protective material

-Condition of garage storage cabinets, detached buildings or structures

-Pool or spas bodies and underground piping

-Irrigation/sprinkler system

-Evaporative coolers

(Some of the above items may be included in this inspection as a courtesy or reported for an additional fee - check with your


Your inspector is a home inspection generalist and is not acting as a licensed engineer or expert in any craft or trade.

If your inspector recommends consulting other specialized experts, client must do so at client's expense.


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